IZOBITAS GROUP is one of the leaders in the Balkan Peninsula in the field of insulation works.

We were founded back in 1912. entitled “First Bosnian asphalt industry – ANTON SIRMA”. At that time, the first of its kind in the territory of the former Yugoslavia, 80 years later, in March, 1992., It was employing 1,000 workers. The company’s headquarters moved to Belgrade in 1994. and currently employs around 100 highly qualified and professionals of different profiles: engineers, technicians, managers, Insulation workers and their assistants. For a long period the company has gained experience, reputation and quality necessary to carry out the most complex construction. The quality and standard that we have established in execution of works are appreciated by our clients we cooperated and still cooperate with, such as: “Energoprojekt”, Global Construction, Beeline, Metro Almaty, Khanty-Mansiysk Bank, Kaspi Comerc Bank…

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Insulation of buildings against pressurized water, seepage water and moisture we perform with bituminous membranes, plastic foils, rigid cement insulation … depending on the type, purpose and current problems on specific object. The materials with which we perform this insulation are: bituminous strips with metal foil inserts, fibreglass fabric and felt, polyester, PVC foils (polyvinyl chloride), high density polyethylene foil (HDPE), water impermeable mortar (shotcrete) based on cement, siccatives, penetrative coatings and similar.


After years of experience, we have created a remarkable team of ceramists, painters, carpenters, parquet and plaster workers. Finishing works in construction that we perform are: space adaptation, painting works (painting and decorating), demit facade, thermal insulation, ceramics, electrical installations and installation of floor coverings.


Construction activity of building construction comprises tailor made services, starting from design and development projects in traditional and prefabricated building, to the construction of structures to full functionality on a “turnkey” principle, with all the accompanying types of construction, installation and finishing works. To the Investor we ensure impeccable quality of our products and services, all in compliance with the agreed schedule of works.


Planning of facilities falls within the jurisdiction of experienced architects who take on the responsibility of carrying out of construction work, coordination of all subjects on the site as well as monitoring, surveillance, and comparison of completed works with project documentation. The company IZOBITAS GROUP provides full service of architecture with complete documentation.