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    Building construction
    and finishing works
    IZOBITAS GROUP is engaged in planning and construction of facilities that are located
    beneath and on the surface (houses, skyscrapers, industrial buildings or monuments)
    and finishing works: adaptation space, painting works ...
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    IZOBITAS GROUP insulates underground structures against
    pressurized water, seepage water and moisture performed with
    bituminous membranes, plastic foils and rigid cement isolation.
    We make acid-resistant insulation, protection tiles, synthetic materials and coatings.
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    IZOBITAS GROUP insulates roofs with bituminous aluminum and copper
    monolayer films, with inlay of fiberglass and fiberglass mesh, polystyrene,
    XPS (extruded polystyrene), mineral wool, bitumen, penetrat coating, waterproof plasters ...
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    Bridges and tunnels
    IZOBITAS GROUP insulates bridges and tunnels with special
    multi-layered bituminous strips with aluminum and copper foils and plastic films.


Leader in insulating and finishing works.

references Projects

IZOBITAS GROUP's mission is to provide our customers with top quality services which rely on knowledge, experience and professionalism. The objects that we worked talk about us and remain as an endorsement of professional attitude towards work.

services Services

IZOBITAS GROUP is a leader in the region in the insulation works. In addition to insulation, our company is engaged in designing, funding, construction of office and residential buildings as well as interior design.

about us Experience

IZOBITAS GROUP has the capacity to perform both civil engineering and building construction. Team of people who run the company have extensive experience in domestic and foreign areas in all aspects of the construction industry.